How much time do you spend trying to set up an open-source lightbox library? Here you'll create JS popups in minutes.

Intro Video 0:59

Click for demo:

demo elephant demo fox demo mountains demo girls demo forest demo deer demo lake demo canyons
More Examples
Illustration showing what elements can be adjusted via the constructor.

Visual Constructor

Try constructor to setup a unique look for your lightbox window and generate the required code automatically.

How to Create JS Popup

It will take you just 3 minutes
(if you have a web page ready and the library purchased)

  1. Download and unzip the library into the "js" folder next to your HTML file.
  2. Insert the below script into your HTML before the </body> tag:
    <script src="js/liteboxpro_gsap.min.js"></script>

  3. Add data-lbxp attribute to those <img> tags, which you want open in the popup window:
    	<img src="/images/01.jpg" data-lbxp>
    	<img src="/images/02.jpg" data-lbxp>
    	<img src="/images/03.jpg" data-lbxp>

  4. Initialize gallery by adding this script anywhere under the /liteboxpro_gsap.min.js:
    	new LiteBoxPro();

    And it's done!

    You can apply popup to any element on the page (not only images). See more examples.

Key Features Pros & Cons in comparison to other lightbox libraries on the Web

  • Easy start
  • No JavaScript knowledge required
  • A lot of settings
  • High quality design by default
  • Lightweight
  • No jQuery, no CSS, no image files
  • Image dimensions are not required
  • Supports IE 11+, not earlier
  • No browser history, yet...
  • No image zoom, yet...
  • Not enough other features, yet...

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