• Fixed IE 11 Compatibility

    Some JS methods and syntax have been downgraded since the previous update to support Internet Explorer 11.

  • Minor Bug Fixes

    Fixed bugs with Target Object and DOM Element default values. The update is recommended for all users.


  • Replaced One More Dependency!

    We managed to replace the Draggable GSAP plugin, which reduced the size of liteboxpro_gsap.min.js file by 25%! So now, uses only the core GSAP library file.

    More about dependencies...
  • Swipe Up Or Down to Close Popup

    Improved usability on touch screens. Now you can use flick gesture to close the popup window. Just swipe the media up or down to close it.

  • Fixed Bugs, Refactoring

    Minor bugs have been fixed. Code refactoring made for faster future updates.


  • Support of Locally Hosted Videos

    You can create popups for your locally hosted video files. It is related both to the online and offline files (in your local file system). The usage is as simple as for all the other media items in galleries.

    More about local videos...
  • Vimeo Support

    You can add Vimeo URLs to your gallery. Also, they can be used together with other video hosting services, like youtube or locally hosted videos.

    More about video hosting services...
  • HTML Support

    You can include a bare HTML markup into your popup windows. And there is no need to use special tags such as <head> or <body>. That's very useful if you want to expose such components as authorisation forms or modal windows in your popups.

    How to embed HTML in the popup window...
  • IFrame Support

    WIth <iframe> support it's effortless to open web pages or any media content in the lightbox window. The usage examples are limited only by your imagination.

    How to embed IFrame content...
  • Control Keyboard Shortcuts

    You now can adjust user experience by enabling or disabling keyboard events. It will be useful if the opened popup window is just a part of a more complex web page with its own key bindings.

    More details...
  • Control Page Scrolling

    Optionally, you can enable the page scroll while the lightbox window is opened. Because, by default, the scroll events are disabled. Enabling page scroll may be useful if your opened popup window is just small part of a more complex page.

    More details...
  • Set a Parent Element for Popup Window

    Sometimes you may need to open your popup windows not fully stretched across the web page, but only as a child of some element on the page. The new property 'target' gives you this possibility.

    More details about "target" property...
  • Set Custom Z-Index

    For more versatile integration with complex HTML markups, we added possibility to change z-index CSS property for the window.

    More about changing z-index...
  • Fixed Bugs, Refactoring, Performace

    Minor bugs have been fixed, performance improved. Also, we removed one dependency library, which didn't do much work, and we found a way to replace it.


  • Popup Generator

    The main feature of the popup is that you can adjust it with a special visual constructor. This means that you don't have to read the documentation or study API to start using it immediately.

    Popup Constructor...
  • One-file Solution

    To make popup work you need to include only one liteboxpro_gsap.min.js file into your project. No additional CSS, image or JavaScript files needed.

  • GPU Accelerated Animation

    GPU Accelerated animation is provided by the GSAP animation library. And you’ll take the most advantage if you’re already using GSAP in your project. Because then you will have to include only a small 36 kB version of the library.

  • Assign Popup to Any Element

    When you define an image gallery you're not limited only to image thumbnails which will be clicked. You can bind image (or video) popup to almost any element on the page.

  • Dynamically Generated Popup Interface

    You don't have to use any image files or CSS to stylize your popup gallery. It's all generated via one JavaScript file. You only need to provide your settings in the Constructor.

    Try popup generator...
  • Multiple Galleries in One Page

    You can create any number of independent galleries per page. It means that the popup window may have a unique visual style for each gallery (even within one page).

  • Block Right Mouse Click on Image doesn't allow a user to click the right mouse button on images. This is a useful feature if you want to provide some layer of protection from downloading source images. Not a perfect protection, but will work from beginner and/or low-motivated users.

  • Responsive Layout

    You can create unique styles for bigger and smaller screens. You have one style breakpoint at your disposal. And you can choose at what window width the popup's layout will change from desktop to mobile look and vice versa.

    Take a look...
  • Touch Screens and Gestures

    Swipe left and right to change the gallery's media on touch screen devices.

  • Lazy Loading Images by Default

    Loading gallery media on-demand saves your visitors' (and server's) traffic. And neat preloader shows real loading data progress.

  • Cross-Browser Support

    The library works in the majority of modern browsers, both mobile and desktop, including Internet Explorer 11.

  • Keyboard Controls

    Use Left & Right keys to navigate through the gallery. And press Escape button to close the popup.

  • Objects & CSS Selectors as Galleries

    To define an HTML element which contains the gallery items you can use either link to a DOM element (as JavaScript object) or just use CSS Selectors (as string value).

  • Custom Cursor in Popup Gallery

    You can choose a specific mouse cursor to be shown when you roll the mouse over an item in the gallery. Any CSS cursor can be used.

  • A Neat Icon Instead of "404"

    If, by any chance, you've got a broken link to the image or there is an internet connection problem, your user will see a special error icon instead of the default browser broken image or "404" error.

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